I am a wife, mother of three and professional actress. New Leaf Life began as a natural outcome of my own journey to become more fit and have more energy. I wanted to enjoy my very full life without fatigue and stress stealing the joy and peace I struggled to maintain. I was physically and emotionally tired much of the time and gaining weight. I went about getting in shape the way many of us do, on my own, with a confusing mosaic of information derived from reading, talking with others and, frankly, much of the hype that permeates the digital world around us.

I began by limiting my calories to 1,500 a day (the magic number TV doctors and celebrities promoted) I worked out 6 days a week for 45-90 minutes and soon felt like I was up against impossible odds. I quickly plateaued. I knew that I couldn't continue to be hungry and exhausted but it felt like my only alternative would be to stop and gain weight. I decided to join a health club and consult with a personal trainer.

Her words gave me new hope, "Your eating too little and working too hard!". She then explained how to know when my metabolism is working optimally to burn the most fat while working out. I discovered that the proper caloric intake for my metabolic make up is 2,300 a day, that meant for me to lose weight the least amount of calories I should eat per day is 1,700 calories. My metabolism had slowed down to meet the limited supply.

I decided to study and learn how I could best use cardio, strength and flexibility training to reach optimal fitness at this stage in my life. I went to an American Council of Exercise certification class at KSU and began to study and practice what I was learning. I participated in my first sprint triathlon six months later and have since participated in two sprint tri's, one 5K, two 10k's and my first half-marathon in NYC last spring. I received my A.C.E personal training certification in 2011.

For the last five years, I have added the practice of Yoga to my workout and found the benefits complete a well-balanced approach to reaching and maintaining my goals. I am now a certified Yoga Fit instructor. My desire is to teach others how to reach and maintain their fitness goals. I now have the personally tested knowledge and the training to do just that!