Personal Training: I believe personal training should be just what it says: Personal - I test and train each client individually creating just the right workout, after testing, to determine a baseline for whatever point in strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility each client begins from. I also progress and modify the workouts continually. I use interval and functional training to keep it interesting, challenging and to build a strong core as well as develop stamina, strength, balance, and agility.

Training- I teach optimum form for injury prevention, how to properly and progressively overload your cardiovascular and muscular/ skeletal systems to safely build lean muscle mass, lower body fat and experience measurable gains in endurance and stamina. Whether you train twice a week with me for 6 weeks or continue for many months you will gain the knowledge and confidence to continue a lifetime of fitness whether you workout in a gym, at home or on the road.

Yoga: I am passionate about what Yoga brings to our bodies and to our lives. I believe it is often the missing piece in a balanced approach to fitness and holistic health. In a work and life culture that often leaves us with tightness in our muscles, pain in our back and/or neck, anxiety in our minds and heaviness in our spirits, Yoga can be a powerful tool to bring back a more youthful flexibility, increase overall strength, increase stability and balance, relieve and prevent body aches and pain, access a stilled mind and a natural mood elevator. What's not to love about that? I include a half-hour of Yoga practice in all of my 90-minute Personal Training sessions as well as offer private Yoga and Yoga practices for groups at corporate facilities.

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